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Sons of the Legion

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Are you a a son of a Veteran? Would you like to join The American Legion? Check your local American Legion Post where you can find out your eligibility status and apply for membership in the world's largest Veteran's organization. Complete the application and proudly become a SON OF THE LEGION. Benefits of joining include gaining valuable volunteer experience for college and camaraderie in a fellowship of likeminded men.

The Sons of The American Legion: Durango Squadron 28 is a dynamic organization that honors and supports veterans, while also providing a platform for young men to develop leadership skills, serve their communities, and make a lasting impact. As a proud subsidiary of The American Legion Squadron 28 carries forward the legacy of service, patriotism, and camaraderie that defines this esteemed organization.

Sons of the Legion recognizes the invaluable sacrifices made by our veterans and is dedicated to ensuring their well-being and honoring their service. Through various initiatives members actively engage in projects that directly benefit veterans and their families. From assisting with healthcare needs to providing financial support, the Sons of The American Legion is unwavering in its commitment to improving the lives of those who have served our nation with honor and valor.

One of the greatest strengths of Sons of the Legion lies in its ability to foster personal growth and development in young men. Through mentorship, educational programs, and leadership opportunities. By instilling values of integrity, patriotism, and community engagement, SAL equips its members with the necessary tools to make a positive impact in their local communities and beyond.

The spirit of camaraderie is at the core of Squad 28, as members form lifelong friendships and bonds rooted in shared experiences and a common dedication to service. By participating in social activities, community service projects, and patriotic events, members forge connections that extend far beyond their local chapters. These connections create a network of support and inspiration, motivating young men to strive for excellence and to actively contribute to the betterment of society.

By organizing events, such as charity runs, car shows, and benefit dinners, Squad 28 raises essential funds that directly impact the lives of veterans and their families. The organization's commitment to giving back ensures that the legacy of service and sacrifice continues, providing opportunities for future generations to honor and support our nation's heroes.

Membership offers numerous benefits, both personal and professional. Young men gain access to a vast network of mentors and fellow members who can offer guidance, support, and invaluable connections. Squad 28 provides a platform for personal growth, leadership development, and the opportunity to engage in meaningful volunteer work that truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Sons of The American Legion is an extraordinary organization that empowers young men to become responsible citizens, committed leaders, and advocates for veterans. By carrying forward the legacy of service and patriotism, Squadron 28 ensures that the sacrifices made by our veterans are never forgotten. If you are a young man seeking to make a meaningful impact, develop valuable skills, and be part of a strong brotherhood, I encourage you to join the Sons of The American Legion. Together, we can build upon the proud traditions of The American Legion and create a brighter future for our communities and our nation.


Preamble to the Sons of the American Legion National Constitution

Proud possessors of a priceless heritage, we male descendants of Veterans of the Great Wars, associate ourselves together as "Sons of The American Legion" for the following purposes:  To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a true spirit of Americanism; to preserve the memories of our former members and the associations of our members and our forefathers in the Great Wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our friendship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness; to adopt in letter and spirit all of the great principles for which The American Legion stands; and to assist in carrying on for God and Country.